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Screens during school meals? with Francesca Martino

Ah, a controversial episode!
The use of screen time during school meals is on the rise – but is it really such a good idea? Paediatric dietician Francesca, from Growing Early Minds, shares her wisdom for the good, the bad, and the necessary when it comes to letting your students watch a show while they eat their morning/afternoon tea and lunch.

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What It Was Like Being A Learner Again

October 22, 2017 in Online Courses - No Comments

It was such an odd experience to be a true learner again! I didn’t know a whole heap about the topics in the course (hence why I was doing it), and I’ve never done an online course before, so I was quite new to the whole experience. What I discovered was a little bit of a surprise.

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STEM X Day 4 – Physics, More Space, and Formal Dinner

January 28, 2017 in STEM X Academy - No Comments Play in new window | Download (81.5KB)Subscribe: RSSThe fourth day of our program had a much more relaxed timetable than the first three. It was lovely to be able to slow down a bit and consolidate everything we’d learned…

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