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Sockless Co Innersocks

March 24, 2019 in Fashion - No Comments

Sockless Co Innersocks

March 24, 2019 in Fashion - No Comments

If you’re like me and have to wear some form of sock inside every shoe you wear (except sandals), you are going to love this!

This is not a sponsored post – it is a genuine, self-driven review. But because I love this product so damn much, I reached out to the company and have secured a discount for you lovely people!
Simply enter the code SRS2019 to get FREE standard shipping within Australia!

I’m one of those people who has to have some sort of sock inside my shoe. Even ballet flats and pumps need to have a sockette.


I live in Queensland, and it get’s very hot here. Your feet literally sweat just walking around doing your teaching, and that leads to a whole lotta stink. I also find the inside of most shoes to be very uncomfortable, so having that material layer brings me Marie Kondo joy.

Traditionally I have used sockettes. I’ve tried so many different brands, and am never 100% satisfied. I find they either don’t fit my foot properly (regardless of size), slip off the back of my heel (ones with the sticky part there do this far less often), slip off my toes (I don’t even know how this happens), or dig in around the heel and widest part of my foot. The thinner, stocking-like material ones tend to get holes in them very quickly, especially where it rubs against my big toe nail. The thicker ones don’t seem to do this as often, but tend to cut in more.

Hands up if those are your problems too???

Sockless Co.

So you can imagine how intrigued I was when I saw a sponsored post on Instagram for Sockless Co. It showed off their signature product – a thick innersole-type sock that sits under your foot. Such a simple concept!

Here is a quick spiel from their website:

1. Invisible inside your shoe – Unlike no show socks or sockettes, Innersocks won’t move and become visible during the day. They sit inside your shoe and can’t be seen… we know confidence comes from the inside! 

2. Stop your feet & shoes smelling – We hear you… Foot odour can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing thing. Innersocks will help stop foot odour and make sure you’re not afraid to take your shoes off at the end of the day. 

3. Easy machine wash & dry – Like socks, Innersocks are designed to be worn and washed daily. We know how busy life can get so that’s why we’ve made sure they are 100% machine washable & dryer friendly. Easy!


They were putting out a call for product testers, and I was lucky enough to be chosen. Out comes my pair of Innersocks, and I’ve honestly been using them ever since!

Here is my personal review of these (I think) incredible Innersocks.

Sockless Co Innersocks

Enter the code SRS2019 to get FREE standard shipping within Australia!


SO Comfortable

These Innersocks are much more comfortable than any sockette I’ve ever used. They are thick and lovely under the feet, and I don’t have to worry about any of the other issues mentioned above. They actually made the sole of my old leather ballet flats so much more comfortable, like walking on a thin cushion.

After each wash they seem to spring back a little bit too, which is lovely.

Because they are a bit thicker, they can change the way your shoe fits ever so slightly (they mention this here on their website) but I didn’t find this was the case for me. I felt like my shoes fit the same as before.

No Show

As promised, they don’t show anywhere outside the shoe (like most sockettes do). So if you are conscious about such things, this is a great plus!


Because they don’t show anywhere outside your shoe, they are so very versatile.

They would particularly be perfect for those newer styles of brogues etc that have cutouts or other odd shapes, which make it impossible to wear socks without looking a bit odd. Innersocks would solve the sweat/smell problem in those quite nicely I think, though I don’t currently own any, so I can’t say for sure (FRANKiE4 – I’m looking very pointedly at your SUZE and BETH styles here!).

You could wear them to work in your ballet flats, then out for a night on the town in your pumps or even sandals.


No Smell

It works! The smell is contained to the Innersock, just as promised. I’ve been able to slip my shoes off in the staffroom and have zero issues, whereas in the past if I was using certain sockettes my feet would still have a bit of smell after hot days of running around the classroom.

Reasonable Price

At $15 a pair, or three pairs for $39, I personally think they are reasonably priced. Yes you can get sockettes for a lot cheaper than this, but because of their design I find I can wear them with many styles of shoes I can’t wear sockettes with.


Less Protection

If your shoes rub around your heels, toes, or the top of your foot, and you were using sockettes to provide a bit of protection, you will no longer have that protection with these Innersocks.

I found one pair of flats started rubbing on my heel, which I never noticed with my old sockettes which sat above the edge of the shoe.

You might be investing in some more bandaides or micropore until your shoes sort themselves out and stop rubbing (as most shoes do eventually).

Crumpling after wash

When they come out of the wash they can be a bit crumpled, and tend to dry that way. This means when you first put them back into your shoe they may not sit flat, and once I had a bit of an uncomfortable fold/bump in one spot for a few hours.

You could certainly iron them flat again, but I found after a few hours of wear they were back to their original shape.


Grade: A

Well done Sockless Co!

I can’t deduct any marks because of the ‘less protection’ aspect of the Innersocks, as that is not their purpose. I did deduct half a grade due to the crumpling though, because it is a bit annoying.

Overall, I really can’t get enough of these!

Simply enter the code SRS2019 to get FREE standard shipping within Australia!
(Full disclosure: this code is an affiliate code – any kickback I get supports the creation of new content for this site.) 


Emily is a secondary science and math teacher in Australia. She enjoys sharing the real and human teacher life, facilitating the ‘light bulb’ moment in her students, and drinking tea and wine.

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