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Shattering the Glass Wall

November 29, 2016 in Teacher Life - No Comments

Shattering the Glass Wall

November 29, 2016 in Teacher Life - No Comments

I’d like to share something very powerful with you all today.

In a previous postΒ I mentioned how a student of mine had written an absolutely incredible poem. Well, she did it again. This time off her own back, purely because she wanted to get a point across.

With her permission, I wanted to share her poem with the teaching world, as I think it bring forward some very powerful points. She would like to credit Miss French, her English teacher.

Reading it actually brought tears to my eyes. It perfectly encompasses what I believe our purpose is as teachers, and the struggle many (if not all) of our students face. Together we can shatter the glass wall and enable our students to access the incredible knowledge available to them.

I will let you take from it what you will, without putting forward my own thoughts. Please comment what you took from this, she will be reading the comments and I would love to share your thoughts back with her.


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