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‘There is no point reinventing the wheel’ is a saying that relates incredibly well to teaching.

Of course you will probably tweak things a little to suit your class and individual students, but we don’t all need to create brilliant new resources when they may already exist.

One of the fastest ways to find resources is to simply type into Google the topic, year level, and type of resource you are looking for. For example ‘introduction to cells year 8 powerpoint’. You are bound to find something suitable very quickly.

There are thousands upon thousands of resource-sharing websites out there. Here are some of my personal favourites.

BBC Bitesize

While this website is tailored to the UK education system, the content is absolutely brilliant. Simply search for the topic you are after and you will find information, interactive videos, quizes and revision guides. I have used this many times to plan entire lessons.

Online Labs

This website provides a fairly exhaustive list of science simulations for you to use in your lessons. These are particularly useful if you cannot do particular experiments, or want to present content in a slightly different way.


If you are after something a little more specific, below is a list of websites that have great resources aligning with the Australian National Curriculum.


Scootle has resources directly mapped to the curriculum content descriptions and elaborations of the F-10 curriculum. There is a lot of clicking to get through to the resources if you go by the elaborations/content descriptions, so searching for your topic may be easier. It includes audio, videos, images, assessments, documents, and more.

ABC Splash

This website has over 3000 videos, games, and resources mapped to the curriculum. It can take a bit to sort through, so be direct in your search terms to make it easier.

Science By Doing

This is an initiative run by the Australian Academy of Science. The idea behind it is present content in an inquiry-based way to increase engagement, and it provides resources for students as well as teachers to enable this. Access requires registration.

Science ASSIST

ASSIST stands for Australian School Science Information Support for Teachers and Technicians, and is exactly that. Along with classroom resources, there is a very active forum where you can go to ask general or specific questions that will be answered by other teachers and technicians.


The hope is that this website will soon have original resources available for you to download, personally made by me for the Australian National Curriculum and covering science for grades 7-10 and senior biology. See the About page for further information.

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