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Prepping For The New Year

December 13, 2018 - No Comments

While everyone is celebrating the end of this school year here in Aus, I am just getting started for next year! My new school brought me in today to give me my timetable, curriculum plans, text books, resources, and to…

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Returning to Teaching

November 27, 2018 - No Comments

I have just under two months left of maternity leave. By a grand coincidence, I shall be returning to work at the beginning of the school year, which means I can start fresh along with the rest of the school,…

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  • Senior hospitality street food stalls 😍😍😍
  • We've all been there 😂😭 #Repost @zeitgeisthunter (@get_repost)
wet socks solution 😝 #hairdryer #staffroomstories
  • Case in point!

#Repost @t1teach (@get_repost)
#teacherlife is not having a spoon, but having a spare pencil
  • #Repost @twinklresources (@get_repost)
⚠️ When your own kitchen is clean but you are totally happy to stir your cuppa with a pen in the staff room because there's no clean spoons - they really can be the worst can't they? Tell us your best staff room horror story! 
#staffroom #school #schoollife #staffroomstories #teaching #teacherlife #teacherhumor #teachermemes #schoolstaffroom #twinkl #twinklresources #teachingresources
  • New post on the blog! Realistic Teacher Self Care - what can you do as a teacher to take care of yourself and try to reduce some of the stress? Link in bio!
  • New post on the site! Just for something a bit different, I wrote a review about my favourite teacher-wear site, eShakti! Link in bio :)
#eshakti @eshakti #realfashionforrealpeople

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