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International Women’s Day 2022 – Women are Fatigued

The year is 2022. We’ve rolled around to another International Women’s Day. While most corporations and companies will put out words of gratitude and celebration, I feel like this year it’s going to miss the mark.

I’ve spent a lot of time treading carefully around social media lately, and the mood has shifted. Because women this year don’t want to be celebrated. We want to be ok. And we’re not ok.

#BreakTheBias #IWD2022

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Jonathan Van Ness on How To Support LGBTQIA+ Students

Jonathan Van Ness has a (incredibly brilliant) podcast called Getting Curious. A couple of weeks ago they put a call out for fan questions, some of which would be answered on an episode. The question I submitted was “As a high school teacher, how best can I support LGBTQIA+ Students?”. I was honoured to have my question answered on the podcast episode – check out the answer!

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