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Jobs in Education that Aren’t Teaching (Updated 2022)

Jobs in Education that Aren’t Teaching (Updated 2022)

  • Need to get yourself out of the classroom, but still want a foot in the education sphere? Here is a big ol’ list of alternative career options for you!

I get it. You love education, you just need to get out of the classroom. I can guarantee every single teacher out there has thought about making the switch at some point in their career. Some are more serious about it than others. If you are like fully 1000% serious about stepping away from the classroom, or if you’re just semi-curious what options there might be for you down the line, here is a compiled list for you. Be aware that many of these option would require further or alternate training.

Look At Your Non-Teaching Experience

Take a good hard look at your degrees, employment history, side-hustles, hobbies, talents, and interests. You might just realise that you have other skills that set you up perfectly for a different job.

Take me for example. I have a degree in science, a degree in science communication, and content-creation experience. Through running this blog and associated social-media I have actually been considered for content-creation jobs for other companies (which I ended up not going for because I still enjoy being in the classroom). I could also step backwards in time in a way and get a job in a lab or science journalism of some form using my degrees.

See what transferable skills you might have, then explore those options as if you had never taught in the classroom before. You might surprise yourself with the fields you could move into, and having the education experience will only add to your CV.

Still In The School Setting

Ready to step out of the classroom, but not leave the school altogether? Consider the following:

  • Middle management – this could take many different forms depending on your education system; think head of department, head of year, etc
  • Upper management – deputy/vice principal, principal/school leader/headmaster or headmistress
  • Teaching assistant – for most this would mean a cut in pay, but it would allow you to keep being actively involved in the classroom without being the teacher in charge
  • School counsellor
  • Guidance counsellor
  • Career counsellor
  • Librarian
  • IT support
  • Teaching in an alternate setting – think juvenile correction centre, hospital, flexi-schools etc
  • Online education – distance education, TEFL

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Still In The Education Setting

If you’re ready to leave the school setting, but not the education setting, one of these might pique your interest.

  • Curriculum and/or resource design – depending on your school system, you can find jobs working for your teaching authority or a third-party-for-profit company
  • Assessment authority – here in Aus each state has an assessment authority to oversee, in particular, senior schooling assessment
  • Professional Development delivery – find  professional development that you loved attending and actually feel is useful, then see if they have any job openings for presenters
  • Outdoor education provider – many places have outdoor education sectors (think local Councils/Counties etc)
  • Incursion provider – where you travel to schools to deliver curriculum-linked content
  • Education outreach – think museums, botanical gardens, government initiatives
  • Camps – weekend camps, summer camps, etc
  • Adult education – think university or college lecturing or tutoring
  • Tutoring – privately, or through a company
  • After school programs

Linked To The Education Setting

This is more of the type of work where you are directly or indirectly linked to the education setting, but have less contact with schools directly.

  • Educational research
  • Textbook author
  • Educational resource editor
  • Educational resource sales representative
  • Union employee – not just being a school rep, but actually working directly for the union
  • Professional association employee – think Science Teachers Association for example
  • Parliamentarian of some form linked to education
  • Childcare/nanny
  • Journalism focused on education – freelance, employee, or for blogs etc
  • Tour guide
  • Corporate trainer
  • Community youth worker or youth organisations
  • Teacher recruitment – for overseas teaching, rural teaching, etc
  • Human resources

Have you made a jump from classroom teaching to an alternate career? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


Emily is a secondary science and math teacher in Australia. She enjoys sharing the real and human teacher life, facilitating the ‘light bulb’ moment in her students, and drinking tea and wine.

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