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Teaching is a collaborative profession, so let’s keep the conversations going!

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Share Your Story

I’m always on the lookout for teachers who would like to share their own experiences. Let us peek behind your staffroom door too!

Your story could be anything – a great lesson, a funny interaction, a cool new resource, concerns about the profession… anything at all you’d like to share.

Simply contact me via the form above – you can tell me your whole story there, or I can help  you to find the best way to put your experiences into words.


Anonymous Teacher Files

Have a burning story to tell, but not sure how to get it out there without your name attached? Email me and we’ll work together to share it through Staffroom Stories and our new Anonymous Teacher Files!

These are the stories that tend to be hidden away – scandalous, perhaps.

We want to share them!


Work With Me

Are you looking for a content writer or copy-editor with a background in education, science, and/or science communication? Or perhaps someone with their finger on the pulse, able to manage your social media presence end-to-end? Or even someone with a degree of logical, outside-the-box thinking, able to break through the barriers holding back your brand or company strategy?

That’s me!

I help businesses share their stories to grow and foster strong, positive relationships with their audiences.

You might be a school looking to rebrand, attract dream families, and strengthen ties with your community.

You might be a company looking to make waves in the education industry.

You might be something else entirely, looking for the unique skill-set of a teacher with a background in science, communications, and content management.

Let’s have a chat and see how I can help you!


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