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Bonkers Start to the Year

What a wild ride our profession is. These past few years more than any other – and no end in sight for what should have been a relatively calm year.

You aren’t alone in your feelings right now, we’re all right here with you (including those feelings of perhaps this job just isn’t for me anymore).

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Teacher Guilt at Student Misbehaviour

This week on the podcast I spoke with Dr Rachel Hannam of North Brisbane Psychologists about the guilt that teachers can feel when they see a student misbehaving.

We discussed reasons for feeling this guilt, and how we can redirect that into something more constructive and positive for both teacher and student.

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Jonathan Van Ness on How To Support LGBTQIA+ Students

Jonathan Van Ness has a (incredibly brilliant) podcast called Getting Curious. A couple of weeks ago they put a call out for fan questions, some of which would be answered on an episode. The question I submitted was “As a high school teacher, how best can I support LGBTQIA+ Students?”. I was honoured to have my question answered on the podcast episode – check out the answer!

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