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Actual teaching is such a complex, enjoyable, and human profession. Every day brings so many stories to share, every one of them as important as the last. Our journey is best shared with others to allow us to reflect, recharge, and reignite our passion for teaching, so follow along with the stories of real teachers!

With new posts each week, you can find what you are looking for in the categories below:


Personal Experiences – Because teaching is in that weird juxtaposition of being very public and very personal at the same time.

End of Year Reflection Series – Reflecting on the year gone by is such a powerful tool in our profession. A lot can come to light, good and bad, when you have time to sit and reflect on what you’ve done, and how you’ve done it.

Meet the Teacher – Get to know other wonderful teachers from all subject areas and all around the world!

Pedagogy – There are so many ways to teach, come read about a few we’ve tried and tested.

Professional Development – Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it.

Resources – Discussions about resources we love or hate, and some freebies thrown in there too!

STEM X Academy – Emily’s experiences at the best PD of her life – a week long residential PD all about teaching STEM!

Tips & Tricks – We could all do with making this job a little easier, so come and learn something helpful.

Exam Series – All about our *ahem* favourite time of term.

Early Childhood – Stories from our resident Early Childhood Educator Jules, all about life teaching our littlest people!

Mindfulness – Emily’s journey with mindfulness in the classroom.


If you’d like to see particular topics discussed, or would like to contribute posts of your own, please get in touch. Teaching is a truly collaborative profession, so talking about it should be too!


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